Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who is responsible for processing your data?
SMS SPORTS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL, registered under SIRET number 529 004 988 00042 is responsible for the processing of personal data provided via the form on this web page, information provided by telephone or through one of our paper forms, data obtained in because of the relationship that unites us and the information resulting from your browsing and consumption habits. This company is established at 11, rue de Cambrai 75019 Paris , and you can contact it at the email address
Similarly, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at the following address: DPO Planeta Formation France, 11, rue de Cambrai 75019 Paris  or at the following email address Please attach a copy or scan of an identity document for any request related to the respect of your rights.

What is the purpose of the processing of your personal data?
SMS SPORTS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL will process your personal data in order to manage its relationship with you and send you commercial offers, by mail, telephone, in person and / or email, including at the end of our commercial relationship and for the duration defined below. , to keep you informed of our products and services similar to those you have acquired.
In addition, and subject to your agreement, we inform you that in order to be able to offer you products and services of SMS SPORTS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL or third-party companies suited to your interests as well as to improve your experience as a user from our web page, we will create a "business profile" based on all the information you have provided to us or on the information resulting from your consumption and browsing habits as well as that obtained through social networks.
Similarly, and always subject to your agreement, your personal data and your commercial profile will be transferred to all of the companies in the Planeta Group so that they can send you commercial offers concerning their products and services or those from third-party companies. For this purpose, your commercial profile and your data, as well as the data and profiles already obtained previously by the companies of the Planeta Group are combined so that the offers that we offer you are adapted to your tastes, your interests, your consumption habits and navigation as well as your business preferences. This processing will involve the cross-checking of databases from the different companies of the Planeta Group and their mutual enrichment.
You can consult the list of Planeta Group companies on the following link: These companies carry out their activities in the sectors of publishing, training, culture, leisure, fashion, textiles, insurance, mass consumption and jewelry.
Third-party companies, companies outside our group, which are the subject of commercial communications on our part, will be companies which carry out their activity in the same sectors as those of the companies of the Planeta Group, indicated above, or even in the telecommunications sectors. , banking, finance, travel, technology and legal

How long will your data be kept for?
Your data is kept in our systems for the necessary duration of the envisaged processing and maximum for a period of:
• 3 years for customers, from the end of the commercial relationship and this only for commercial prospecting purposes;
• 3 years for prospects, from the collection of their data or the last contact from the prospect. At the end of these 3 years, we undertake to resume contact with you in order to know whether or not you wish to continue to receive commercial requests.

What is the legal basis for processing your data?
The legal basis for processing your personal data is the execution and maintenance of the business relationship with you; the express consent that, where applicable, you have given us for the additional processing consisting of the sending of our own commercial communications and / or communications from third-party companies, the creation of commercial profiles and the transfer of these data and profiles for the benefit of the companies of the Planeta Group for the purposes specified in the previous paragraph "For what purpose do we process your personal data?" "
We inform you that the personal data required at the time of registration on this web page as well as that provided by telephone or in our paper forms are strictly necessary to formalize and manage the relationship with you, so that failing us provide such information, we cannot maintain this relationship. Anyway, this main purpose does not depend on consent for the processing of data not necessary for this main purpose.
As we indicated above, the prospective offer of own products and services and / or of third-party companies as well as the creation of commercial profiles and the transfer of these profiles and your personal data to companies belonging to the Planeta Group constitute additional processing based on the consent requested of you, without at any time withdrawing this consent conditions the maintenance of our relationship with us

To whom will your data be sent?
In the sole event that you give us your consent, your personal data and, where applicable, your business profile, will be communicated to the following recipients:
• SMS SPORTS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL admissions department
• Companies belonging to the Planeta Group (listed on the site whose activity is linked to the publishing, education sectors , culture, leisure, booklets, textiles, private insurance, mass consumption and jewelry,

What are your rights when you communicate your data to us?
In accordance with the amended Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 relating to the protection of personal data, you have the following rights over your data: right of access, right of rectification, right erasure (right to be forgotten), right to object, right to limit processing, right to portability.
You can also define directives relating to the storage, erasure and communication of your personal data after your death.