Processus de candidature

Application process

If you are interested in pursuing a career in sports business, initiate the admission process now.

Our advisors are available Monday to Friday:

[email protected] / 07 64 77 50 37

   Admissions, Step 1: Get Informed

  1. Discuss your desires and discover your passions.
  2. Define your orientation together.
  3. Validate your expectations by proposing the training that seems most suitable for your profile.

    Admissions, Step 2: Apply

  4. Submit an application with a CV, cover letter, latest report cards, etc. (required documents may vary depending on the chosen program).

    Admissions, Step 3: Compete

  5. Written tests in general knowledge and English (depending on the chosen program).
  6. Motivational interview.
  7. Feedback within 48 hours from your advisor who will have guided you since step 1.