Notre stratégie

Our strategy


To address the growing transformation and evolution of the sports industry and market environment, Sports Management School offers a comprehensive range of programs - from Bachelor's to MBA and Master's in Science - delivered in various formats: in-person, hybrid, or online. Developed in partnership with key players in the sports industry, SMS programs perfectly meet the current and future needs of employers. Beyond its academic excellence, our school provides students with the fastest way to advance in the sports business ecosystem. Our "pure player" positioning and economic model are both unique, thanks to our international outreach capabilities and an unparalleled portfolio of programs.


To train leaders and experts in sports business who possess in-depth knowledge of this sector on a global scale to enhance the financial and societal performances of these organizations. To make Sports Management School a unique institution, an inspiring platform in the sports environment, aware of current and future global needs, inspired by the influences of digital technology, and the evolving trends in the job market and employability.


Inspired by passion. Driven by performance.

Values: Passion Above All!

Passion is at the core of everything; it is the catalyst for the values and ethics that accompany our students throughout their journey. It guides them towards academic excellence and professional integrity, preparing them to become conscious and effective leaders in the sports business.

We believe in the power of passion for sports and business to achieve excellence. We encourage our students to be committed to their academic and professional journeys, as it motivates them to surpass themselves and make a positive impact in the sports industry.

We aspire to excellence in everything, shaping competent, innovative, adaptable professionals ready to push boundaries and seize emerging opportunities in an ever-evolving sector.

Sports teach the importance of teamwork. We encourage our students to share their knowledge, tackle challenges together, and develop their interpersonal skills, at the core of their learning journey.

We value sportsmanship and fair play. Respect for others, adherence to the rules, and ethical standards are fundamental to gaining the trust of everyone, both on the field and in the sports industry.

Sports transcends borders, embracing cultural diversity and international perspectives. We provide our students with this openness to broaden their horizons and make them global players in the sports business.

We raise awareness among our students about the impact of sports on society and the environment, encouraging them to promote a responsible and sustainable sports industry.

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