Strategic Partnerships

Sports Management School, the institution shaping the future of sports business, stands as an elite educational establishment at the intersection of the sports and management worlds. With strategic partnerships with key players such as the National Basketball League, representing excellence in professional basketball, and the renowned athlete Benoit Saint-Denis, a true sports icon, our school embodies the perfect fusion of sports talent and cutting-edge management skills.

But that's not all. Furthermore, we closely collaborate with the agency responsible for organizing the upcoming major event, Paris 2024, placing our students at the heart of the action during a crucial moment in the history of global sports. These prestigious partnerships provide our students with privileged access to invaluable resources, international exposure, and the opportunity to train alongside the most influential figures in the sports world.

Through these prestigious alliances, Sports Management School creates a unique bridge between education, the sports industry, and professional opportunities, offering our students an exceptional educational experience and preparing them to become future leaders in sports business.

SMS Enters the Game!

Since January 2023, SMS has initiated a three-season alliance with the National Basketball League in the form of a Chair. Through this partnership, the school collaborates with one of the most popular sports with the aim of training and supporting future talents in French basketball, opening new opportunities for our students with a major player in the sports industry in France. Practical cases to solve, volunteer opportunities, exclusive internship/apprenticeship offers, and conferences.

Partenaire Formation

Our Students at the Heart of a Historic Sporting Event!

Our MBA students have secured an exceptional opportunity thanks to Wetix Agency, the ticketing agency for Major International Sporting Events. They will have the chance to experience from the inside the organization of the largest sporting event to be held in France and Paris in 2024.