L’international au cœur des programmes

International at the heart of the programs

International at the heart of the programs

International Integration in Education

Our goal is to train bilingual international managers capable of progressing in the most promising sectors. To achieve this, we have developed a tailor-made program that facilitates linguistic immersion and the acquisition of multiple expertise in a globalized ecosystem.

  • Internationally-oriented specializations: International Governance, International Sports Marketing, Intercultural Management...
  • Case studies of international companies.

English Learning

Acquiring language skills, especially in English as practiced by sports professionals worldwide, enhances the employability of our graduates.

  • Intensive English courses.
  • Business English courses.
  • Courses taught in English starting from the 3rd year; English-speaking track possible in the 4th year of the MBA.
  • Mandatory TOEFL and TOEIC exams.

International Paths

Starting from the 3rd year, we offer our students the opportunity to benefit from personalized international paths, allowing them to validate an academic experience abroad.

  • Academic exchanges: 1 or 2 semesters at one of our 16 partner universities (Australia, Canada, Spain...).
  • Dual validation programs.
  • Internship in a foreign company.

In both Bachelor and MBA programs, each student also has the opportunity to attend a seminar at one of the Sports Management School campuses in Barcelona, Lausanne, Cairo, or Rabat.

Our International Campuses

Our sports school has 4 campuses abroad: Barcelona, Lausanne, Cairo, and Rabat. Two additional campuses are in the planning stages for opening in Rome and Miami. This ideal configuration fosters international exchanges and promotes the discovery of new sports cultures.

Alexandre Duguy