Bachelor Management du Sport

Bachelor in sports management

A post-baccalaureate program designed for future experts in the sports industry. The fundamentals of sports business are taught, with real-life case studies of companies.

  • Full-time / work-study (starting from the 2nd year), In-person
  • 9500€
  • January 2024, September 2024
  • 3 years
  • French
7 500€ pour la rentrée décalée, 9 500€/an

Become an expert in sports management

The Bachelor in sports management prepares you to excel in the sports business in just 3 years. At the end of the third year, a final thesis on your professional experience is completed using the tools covered in class. The courses are conducted in person and are taught in French. 

Our Bachelor's degree prepares students for the title of Development Manager, a certified level 6 title, code NSF 310 and 312m, registered with the RNCP (code 34054) on 20/07/2022, delivered by  FORMATIVES . Code : RNCP36728

Notre formation est classée parmi les meilleurs Bachelors Sport et e-Sport de France :


Bachelor Objectives

Objectives formation

  • Implement a development strategy
  • Implement a marketing strategy
  • Manage development in project mode
  • Sustainably manage a team in close proximity and remotely
  • Disseminate products/services

To obtain professional certification, candidates must validate the 5 blocks of skills that make up the certification.

Our ambitions

  • Develop your management skills. 
  • Access first-line managerial positions in the sports business sector: marketing, events, communication, management, sales, etc. 
  • Promote internationalization through exchange opportunities or seminars abroad. 
  • Embark on entrepreneurial ventures in specialized sectors. 
  • Pursue further studies in a specialized Master's program to become an expert in a specific area of sports business. 

*Conditions apply: Contact us for more information.


To enter the Bachelor Sport Management School, you need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • 1st year: French or foreign students with a baccalauréat or equivalent 
  • 2nd year: Bac+1minimum
  • 3rd year: Bac+2 minimum

If applicable, prerequisites for entry to the course :

  • Level 4 certification with three years' training
  • Level 5 or level 4 certification with 3 years' experience in developing an organisation, and with the agreement of the certifier (VAP) and one year's training

Application Deadline: On the program's start date, except for students requiring a visa (8 weeks before the program start).

Application process

Training Highlights

  • Accredited training program (RNCP certification).
  • Possibility of alternating coursework starting from the second year.
  • Participation in the SMS eSport Cup.
  • Visits to iconic sports campuses.
  • Study trip to Lausanne in the third year of the Bachelor's program.
  • Certification Qualiopi

Start Date and Duration of the Program

Program Schedule

Start : September or Deferred Start* in January
Course Schedule: Monday to Friday, full-time throughout the year + 2 months of internship (May-June)

Pedagogical missions :  

  • Field Sales Weeks (Vente Tout Terrain - VTT) 
  • Market Study

Start : September
Course Schedule: 
4 months of full-time classes from September to December + 4 months of internship (January-April)

3 weeks in the company and 1 week of classes

Pedagogical missions: Theoretical and practical organization of an event

Start : September
Course Schedule:   
4 months of full-time classes from September to December + 6 months of internship (January-Juin) 

3 weeks in the company and 1 week of classes

Pedagogical missions : 

  • Marketing case with professional oral presentation 
  • End-of-study thesis 

Program and Subjects of the Bachelor's in Sports Management

Program for the Year 2023/24

The Basics of Sports Business  

  • Retail Unit Management
  • Customer Management and Relations
  • Sales Techniques
  • Principles of Communication
  • History of Sports
  • Sports Community Life
  • Sports Retailers
  • French and International Sports Movements
  • Private Structures in Sports
  • National and International Sports Competitions
  • Governance of International Sports

Visit to Iconic Sports Locations  

Possible University Exchanges with an International Academic Partner**  


  • Merchandising Strategy
  • Sports Event Management (planning, budgeting, assessment, and prospects)
  • Event Project Management (organization of the SMS ESPORT CUP)
  • Communication Plan
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sports Economics
  • Public Administration
  • Sports Marketing
  • Creating a Sponsorship Proposal
  • English for Sports
  • Professional Tools: Desktop Publishing (PAO)
  • Coaching
  • Job Focus: Event Project Manager

Visit to Iconic Sports Locations  

Possible University Exchanges with an International Academic Partner**  


  • Introduction to e-business 
  • Business Plan 
  • Business Creation 
  • Sports Marketing Management 
  • Web Marketing Strategy 
  • Marketing Activation 
  • Budgeting for a Marketing Strategy 
  • History and Sociology of Sports 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Press Officer 

Intensive English (TOEFL preparation in the 3rd year)
Seminar at one of the Sports Management School campuses (Barcelona, Lausanne, Cairo, and Rabat)
Professional Thesis

  • Sports and Journalism 
  • Grant Proposal 
  • Olympic Spirit 
  • International Governance 
  • Sports and Sustainable Development 
  • 2024 Olympics 
  • English for Sports 
  • Professional Tools & Coaching 
  • Video Editing 
  • Job Focus: Start-up 

Possible University Exchanges with an International Academic Partner**  

Personal and Athletic Development  

  • Analysis and Synthesis of Documents
  • Self-awareness
  • Building a Professional Project
  • On-site Study Projects in the Company
  • Missions and Tutoring
  • Media Training and Writing Workshops
  • Competitive Sports Practice
  • School Community Life

Engagement in the Professional Sports World  

  • Team Building: Integration Seminar
  • Human Management and Leadership Learning
  • Case Studies and Conferences
  • Meetings with Professionals and Testimonials
  • Professional Conferences
  • Organization of the Sports Management School Forum for Sports Professions
  • Visits, Audits, and Analysis of Federal and International Sports Institutions and Professional Clubs

At Sports Management School, our pedagogical approach is based on the idea that success in sports business requires much more than theoretical knowledge. We firmly believe in a dynamic and immersive educational method that combines academic expertise with in-depth practical experience. Our aim is to produce sports professionals who are not only well-versed in the fundamental concepts of sports management, but who are also able to apply them successfully in the unique context of the global sports industry.

Discover our teaching method

*Deferred enrollment in January with 2 weeks of full-time intensive classes. Then, resume the second semester with students who started in September.
**Contact the admissions office for more information. 

Evaluation Methods

  • 7 hours of classes or fewer: Continuous assessment only (1 mandatory grade) 
  • 14 hours of classes: Continuous assessment + Final Exam (minimum 2 mandatory grades) 
  • 21 hours of classes and more: Continuous assessment + Oral Examination + Final Exam (minimum 3 mandatory grades) 

The start of the 2024 academic year: the overall average must be 10/20 for all examinations (continuous assessment and final examination).

RNCP title

Case studies, written reports, activity reports

To obtain professional certification, candidates must validate the 5 blocks of skills that make up the certification.

Discover the blocks of skills to be validated

Classes take place on the Paris La Villette campus, 15 rue de Cambrai 75019 Paris. 

Career Opportunities

  • Business development manager
  • Sales manager
  • Sales manager
  • Commercial agency manager
  • Temporary employment agency manager
  • Profit centre and business unit manager
  • SME manager

Prepare for Your Enrollment

Admission Requirements


  • 1st year: High school seniors, subject to obtaining the baccalaureate, and holders of the baccalaureate.
  • 2nd or 3rd year: Students holding a diploma from level bac+1 to bac+3.

Parallel admission based on application file and motivational interview.

Application process

Continuing Your Journey

If you wish to continue your studies after the Bachelor's in Sports Management, it's possible! For example, subject to meeting the prerequisites, you can choose to pursue an MBA in one of our specialties (management, media and digital, events, marketing, sales). To explore all possible options, click here.

Bridges and Equivalences

No bridges or equivalences: enrolling in the program requires completing all modules.

Students with disabilities

Key Figures

of students in employment before graduation
alumni from the SMS network
corporate partners, federations and clubs


  • Number of students: 62
  • Satisfaction rate: 3,5/5
  • Net employment rate: 68,7%
  • Survey return rate: 96,8%
  • Dropout rate: 2,5%
  • Diploma attainment rate: 87,5%

Source: satisfaction and integration surveys conducted by the school in 2023


Site update: May 2024

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