Our sports business vision

The sports business sector

A healthy and professionalised industry

Sports and business are interrelated

Sports constitutes a key sector of the economy with global revenues of 1200 M€, or 2% of the GDP. The sports marketing market is valued at 40 M€ and the global TV rights at 30 M€.

In France, sports represents around 38 M€, the 3rd largest market within the European Union. The economic weight of the football field is estimated at over 5 M€. The expertise of the French companies is recognized in all the business sectors, from sports material and equipment manufacturing to organizing tournaments and events.

Sports business designates the whole economic activity that develops around sport. For sports has become very much mainstream and now concerns the populations worldwide. It gathers more and more spectators and tele-spectators through the national or international sports competitions.

Sports is now mastered by specialists in rights, in finance, in management, in marketing, but it is also a social and political lever thanks to the development of the economy on a city, department, region, country or even continent scale.


Sports Management School, the school leading sports business

The presence of specialists exclusively centred on sports business grants us a genuine advantage in every field related to management and sports economy, especially commerce and distribution, marketing, communication, e-sports and the organisation of sporting events. Our objective is to train the sports business decision-makers of the present and the future.

Sports Management School is now the reference of sports business in France and abroad, supported by its 1000 alumni and its large network of partner companies among the major actors in sports business.


That is why 93% of our graduates can integrate a company related to the sports sector each year!



+ 70 professors

+ 750 students

5 campuses: Paris – Lausanne – Barcelona - Rabat - Le Caire

93% graduates work in sports

14% new entrepreneur students

72% students in office after the graduation

17 universities and international partner schools

+ 50 companies, federations, partner clubs

Graduation bachelor