Etudiants en situation de handicap

For Students with disabilities

Whatever difficulties you may face, we are by your side.

At Sports Management School, disability is not a barrier because nothing should prevent a motivated student from building a successful career.

Sports Management School ensures a working and learning environment that is accessible and welcoming to students with disabilities (visual, auditory, motor, etc.). In this context, we implement the necessary adjustments to their situation in the organization, conduct, and support of their studies. Our administrative services and faculty are authorized to establish, at the student's request and with their collaboration, an individual integration plan.

Our support measures include:

  • Providing digital tools to facilitate remote work. 
  • Developing an accompanying protocol. 
  • Training the teaching team and support staff. 
  • Internal communication and awareness campaigns. 
  • Possibility of mentoring during internships. 
  • Housing assistance. 

Contact our disability liaison, Pascal Galantin, at [email protected]