Funding and fees

Funding and fees



The financial institutions offer students funding solutions for up to 100% of school fees. Our partner, the agency LCL Courbevoie Victor Hugo, offers students from SMS a personalised quotation.        

  • 80 euros are given for any account opening in the agency Courbevoie        
  • Rate of 0,90% for a student loan (possibility of a discount of 0,10%, therefore 0,80%, if the students’ parents are customers of LCL).
  • The 1-euro credit card LCL ISIS MasterCard for 2 years
  • The 1-euro house insurance for the first year

For any information, please contact: Mr Younes AFIA, Director of the Agency LCL Coeur Défense 100 Esplanade Général de Gaulle – Tour B – 92400 Courbevoie Phone: Mail:



The Expert-MBA Cycle training can be covered through an Individual Training Leave (Congé Individuel de Formation, CIF), an Individual’s Right to Training (Droit individuel à la formation, DIF) or a company training plan (Plan de formation propre à lentreprise, (OPCA)).



The students meeting certain criteria may benefit from corporate merit scholarships funded by our endowment fund, Sports Management School Philanthropy Development.



The Validation of Acquired Experience (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience, V.A.E) offers the possibility of obtaining part or all of a diploma, provided the student can justify at least one year of professional experience related to the content of the desired diploma.

The Professional Experience Validation (Validation des Acquis ProfessionnelsV.A.P 85) allows direct access to university training without having the required diploma, by validating a professional experience (salaried or not), the training followed or the personal experience developed outside of any training system.

Both devices can be used together to minimize the training course as much as possible.