L’Equipe pédagogique

Pedagogical team

The heads of each of our departments have only one ambition: to develop your skills, your passion for the sports industry, and your ambition. What do they have in common? They love to share their field experience!

A passionate sports team by your side

  • Michael Tapiro, Founder of Sports Management School

  • David Mignot, Academic Director

  • Olfa Dridi, Bachelor and MBA Study Administration

  • Pascal Galantin, Pedagogical Director for Bachelor and MBA
  • Eve Parchowski, Bachelor Pedagogical Manager
  • Audrey Djakpa, Bachelor Pedagogical Coordinator
  • Jessica De Campos, MBA Pedagogical Manager

  • Anne Lefèvre, Admissions Director
  • Issam Rachedi, Admissions Manager
  • Orhan Aytar, Admissions Advisor
  • Gilchrist Lawson, Admissions Advisor
  • Nicolas Panier Des Touches, Admissions Advisor
  • Merwan Bekka, Admissions Advisor
  • Lounis Boutaleb, Admissions Advisor

  • Julien Breuilh, Director of Corporate Relations and Partnerships

  • Sophie Landes, Marketing and Communication Director
  • Marie-Edith Dorsinville, Marketing and Communication Manager