Who are we ?

School Presentation

Founded in 2010, Sports Management School is a business school entirely dedicated to sports management. With its various campuses in Paris, Lausanne, Barcelona, Rabat, Rome, and Cairo, Sports Management School has an international identity and spirit that highlights the global perspective of the sports business. Our ambition is to train students to become professionals and managers in sports business with a comprehensive vision.

Sports Management School is supported by an extensive network of partners in the sports environment, including sports organizations/governance, sports marketing actors, manufacturers, and retailers of sports products. They all strongly support our school through internships, workshops, consulting projects, charitable events, or "pro bono" teaching. The school belongs to Planeta Formation & Universities, the academic division of Grupo Planeta, a multinational family-owned company that is not publicly traded.

Key Figures!

Two additional campuses are planned to open in Rome and Miami.

To address the growing transformation and evolution of the sports industry and market environment, Sports Management School offers a comprehensive range of programs - from Bachelor's to MBA and Master's in Science - delivered in various formats: in-person, hybrid, or online. Developed in partnership with key players in the sports industry, SMS programs perfectly meet the current and future needs of employers. Beyond its academic excellence, our school provides students with the fastest way to advance in the sports business ecosystem. Our "pure player" positioning and economic model are both unique, thanks to our international outreach capabilities and an unparalleled portfolio of programs.

Why Study at Sports Management School

  • A specialized business school in sports business 
  • A "glocal" vision of sports management education 
  • International outreach, a cornerstone of our strategic position 
  • Students are at the center of the learning process 
  • Individualized and tailored support for each student 
  • A powerful and reliable global network of business partners 
  • A culture of academic excellence 
  • Emphasis on student fulfillment through personal and professional achievement 
  • Open-minded attitude to promote inclusion and diversity 
  • Faculty combining functional expertise and a keen understanding of sports business 
  • Qualiopi Certification 

The Qualiopi label is a national quality standard controlled by an external and independent organization, approved by the French government. The quality certification has been issued for the following categories of actions: Training actions; Validation of Prior Learning (VAE).

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