Our strategy


In response to the increasingly transformative and changing industry and market environment of sport, the Sports Management School offers a comprehensive range of programmes - from Bachelor to MBA and Master of Science - delivered in a variety of formats: face-to-face, blended or online. Designed in partnership with key players in the sports industry, the SMS programmes are perfectly suited to the current and future needs of employers. Beyond its academic excellence, our school offers students the fastest way to evolve in the sport business ecosystem. Our pure player positioning and our business model are both unique, thanks to our international outreach and our unparalleled portfolio of programmes.


To develop leaders and experts in the sport business who have a deep understanding of the sector on a global scale in order to improve the financial and societal performance of these organisations. To make Sports Management School a unique institution, an inspiring platform in the sports environment, aware of current and future needs on a global scale, inspired by the influences of digital technology and the evolving trends in the labour market and employability.


Inspired by passion. Driven by performance.

Philosophy and values

Passion for sport and business
Passion is the catalyst for the school's values and ethics. For SMS students, passion is the first step towards success in sport business.

Spirit of excellence
Reaching the top, striving for excellence through performance, constantly seeking challenges. Programmes designed and developed by industry experts and executives to provide a cutting edge experience.

SMS remains the first "business school focusing solely on sport business management".

The school's staff, faculty and partners in the sports sector enhance the motivation and ambition of students to achieve their own goals.

Pure player
The school focuses 100% on teaching sports management, which gives it strategic expertise and know-how on a global scale. This specificity is the true DNA of SMS.

Sense of belonging
Beyond a network, our school gives students the opportunity to belong to a large and close-knit community: alumni and business partners. This network is an advantage and a sure guarantee for the future. Graduating from the SMS is to ensure an elective affinity to be part of the "SMS Family".

International outreach
Our online capabilities combined with our unparalleled number of international campuses is our competitive advantage.

Community Spirit, Legacy
Our students are united by a strong culture and values through a sense of sharing, close relationships and esprit de corps. Interpersonal skills are integrated into each student's learning path. The SMS principles go beyond academic teaching and take the values and customs of sport for granted.