Témoignage de Carina et Léa

Témoignage de Carina Stelzer, étudiante autrichienne (Université de Kufstein) en échange académique chez SMS

“As a part of my bachelor program, I spent a semester abroad at the Sports Management School in Paris. At the SMS, you get deep insights into the world of sports and the teachers areparis 1 specialists in their jobs. Our class was a mixture of totally different students coming from so many different places and not only studying together, but also spending their free time with each other. Being a foreign student at the SMS will bring you so many opportunities because you can either choose the French Track and improve your French or choose the English Track and get an even more international insight with classes in English. I chose the English Track and was really happy how the studies were going and that there was still enough time to enjoy the beautiful city of Paris.
Paris is a city with so many opportunities. You will always find something to do. There are so many places to see and you will never get tired of the city because it is so versatile. Paris is not the cheapest place to be, but it’s affordable. There are a lot of not so touristy places that show the real beauty of Paris. But of course, you also have to go and see sights like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. Just be interested and open-minded and you will find the best places in town.”

Témoignage de Léa Schneider, étudiante autrichienne (Université de Kufstein) en échange académique chez SMS

“All in all I have spent almost 4 months in Paris and I can say I would recommend it to anybody ! The SMS was a really good choice, as the courses where interesting and diverse. For people who are interested in Sports Management this school has a lot to offer. Besides studying you have the chance to do an internship because class takes place only two times a week and the school regularly sends job offers and tries to help students find a place to work. As I have chosen the English track I had no problems to follow the teacher and the content. Furthermore, it is very comfortable that the the classes are not too big and the classmates wparis 4ere really nice, helpful and integrated us well in their community. We did not only study together but also spent time outside of the university, although they are really busy because they are working when there are no courses.
Life in Paris is not cheap but affordable if you know where to go and avoid the touristy areas a little bit. Also you should cook and try to eat at home or visit places famous for students, this can be easy ways to save some money.
I was living in the 20ème arrondissement and I can recommend this to anyone, it is quiet and chilled neighborhood where you find everything you need, from shops to bars and nice neighboring areas like Bastille and Belleville and with the metro it is anyways easy to go anywhere in Paris, as the city is not that big.
The French culture is in my opinion not too much different compared to the Austrian, so I didn’t have a culture shock or anything like that but still it is a very nice experience to get in touch with another culture and get to know their rituals, especially their love for apéro good food and culture is very lovely, they just seem to know how to enjoy live, that spirit is celebrated also in arts and design you can find everywhere in the city. There is always something to do in Paris, tons of events, visiting a museum, which is free for people under the age of 26 or discover a new area, enjoy the French cuisine and get in touch with French people who are, regarding my experiences, really friendly, open-minded and interested in getting to know people from other countries.”