International MBA in Sport Business


Sports Management School (SMS) is launching a new programme: The international MBA in Sport Business.

Now a part of Grupo Planeta since June 2017, the Sports Management School is strengthening its international academic foothold by launching a new international MBA specialised in Sport Business. The programme can be completed in 4 European campuses: Paris, Lausanne, Barcelona and London.

Sports Management School’s position as an international ‘Pure player’ focused entirely on Sport Business gives it solid experience in many domains connected to the sport business universe, most notably in: Commerce, distribution, marketing, communication and sports event organisation.

Sports Management School (SMS) currently offers several programmes (Bachelors and Masters) in Sport Business in four European campuses. These programmes give young sport-loving students the opportunity to venture down an enriching academic path where they will not only master business management but also gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Sports world.

This new international MBA in Sports Management takes one year to complete and is open to international students as all the classes are taught in English. Also, professionals looking for a career change or to broaden their horizons are welcome to enroll in the programme. This MBA will start in autumn 2018 and can be done in four campuses: Paris, Lausanne, London and Barcelona.

The new international MBA will train tomorrow’s professionals up for a position in Sport Management, which is a sector that has changed drastically in recent years. In the past, sport was mostly run by novelists and amateurs albeit passionate sports enthusiasts. These days it has now become an economic powerhouse and thus demands a high level of expertise. Today, professionals specialising in areas such as economics, finance, communication, marketing and law are all required. The sport sector, worldwide, is now worth 620 billion dollars and is growing at a rate of 6% per year.

Therefore, the main objective of this new specialised MBA is to train students up for positions at middle and executive management level with sports organizations, clubs, institutions, communication and marketing agencies and sports event organizations.

The MBA consists of 7 major modules:

– The international sports environment

– Management strategy in the Sports industry

– Sports marketing

– The legal framework in Sport, image and sports rights

– International management of sports projects and events

– Sports Management

– Professional dissertation or an internship to complete

This international Master in Sport Business will be overseen by Michael Tapiro, an ex rugby player who founded and managed Sports Management School since it was launched in 2010. An expert in Sport Business himself, he is often present in the media for his expertise on the Sports sector, the economy and sports marketing. At the same time, he manages the Sports event agency ‘Au-dela du sport’.

« Sports Management School is entering a new era. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to launch this international MBA in our 4 campuses throughout Europe. We are in constant development and this MBA only reinforces our efforts to create links with more world sporting capitals » says Michael Tapiro when asked about this new programme.

The SMS international MBA professors are all professionals having worked in the Sports industry themselves. Therefore they bring and share their invaluable experience from the sport sector in all its forms and facets.