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Being involved in the community life of school and taking part in associative activities is universally considered to be an excellent preparation for one’s professional life and that is why it’s at the very heart of Sport Management School’s pedagogy. The associations are managed like small companies and being involved in them helps students to develop their sense of initiative, responsibility, team spirit and solidarity.


The student office (BDS) is in charge of animating school life through 4 major ways:

  • Parties and various evening events
  • Matches and sporting events
  • Activities and entertainment
  • Trips and travel adventures


EDHEC cruise yacht and its crew from EDC SMS in 2014.

The student office (BDS) competes for SMS in many university championships such as in football, rugby, handball, basketball, tennis, horse riding, athletics and carting among others.

Each year, students from sport business SMS mobilize to participate in the EDHEC cruise yacht race.

This not-to-be-missed event brings 3000 students together from all 4 corners of the globe to battle it out in high level sports activities where they are put to the test. The students are rewarded for their hard work by attending mythical parties under the big top giant marquee or “Chapiteau”…

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