Why choose Sports Management School ?

Our key factors of success

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A powerful network of partners

All our business partners are engaged and involved in the daily pedagogical missions of our school :

  • Professionalization contracts and internships
  • Conferences and pedagogical missions and projects
  • Actual company cases with teacher support and supervision
  • Recruitment Forums

A rapidly developing sport sector

With an annual growth rate of 6%, the sport business sector is flourishing.
In 2015, 90% of graduates were employed in the sport sector.

International openings

We are training the international managers of tomorrow; multilingual professionals with international profiles.

  • Academic exchanges (16 universities in countries such as Australia, Canada and Spain…)
  • Intensive English lessons
  • Entire semesters taught in English
  • A second foreign language is obligatory
  • TOEFL and TOEIC exams

"Company culture" is at the heart of our pedagogy

  • Actual company cases
  • Market studies, sales and prospection missions
  • Volunteer work and external company projects

Individual monitoring

From the 1st year onwards the school supports and supervises students as they build their professional project thanks to individual monitoring. We set out to ensure success with:

  • The construction of a professional project for each student
  • The personal development of each student
  • Sports Management School provides certified and independent coaches and their services to all students

The SMS careers department also helps these future managers in their choice of orientation in the industry

Sandwich courses : Creating strong links with companies

In the 2nd year our students have the opportunity
to gain some invaluable work experience either in the form of a professionalization contract or an alternating sandwich course.
Each week therefore being split between school time and work experience time.

Mentoring : One student, one sponsor !

Each student is individually paired up with a personality from the world of sport.
The aim of each “mentor” is to help the student build up their network and construct their own personal project.

Keep in touch

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