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The Paris Sports Management School Campus, in the heart of the business district in La Defense.

The Sports Management School benefits from a lot of unconditional support from companies in the sport business sector. In order to promote and cultivate a company spirit with the students throughout their entire time at SMS, the school maintains a sustainable relationship with its partners who in turn participate in the development of school life and pedagogy.

  • Student support and mentoring by professionals from the Sport business.
  • Work experience offers, professionalization contracts and pedagogical missions in the Sport sector.
  • Company case studies
  • Participation in lessons and conferences.
  • Skills exchanges, professional accounts and sharing of experiences.
  • Student scholarship grants via our fellowship fund.

SMS is involved

Association of key players in the economy of sport, Sporsora strives to professionalize and develop the sector, as well as promote sports marketing as the lever of innovation in management and communication. Sports Management School is an active member and participates at all the association’s events. Michael Tapiro was appointed Sporsora Administrator in 2013.

The Medef which is an acronym roughly translatable as the movement of French companies is an organization for employers and it represents top management and leaders in French companies. Michael Tapiro is a member of the Medef Sport Commission which aims to communicate and dialogue with the various parties in sport, to put forward proposals, act and react and to be engaged in this new way in which sport is governed.

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