International Exchanges


Two of our MBA students, Nicolas and Maxime, are currently abroad for one semester, at the International College of Management in Sydney.

Let them share their experience :

“When we got to know that we could go abroad at the end of our MBA cycle, we both decided to take the chance. Going to Sydney for a six-month exchange was a wonderful opportunity. Canada, Croatia, Austria or Australia … you could chose between a large scale of destinations.

At the end of our 4th year, there was a presentation of the various SMS school and university partners. When we first saw a picture of the Australian campus, we instantly decided to go there. Especially because we were looking for a far-away country where we could discover a new culture that is not so well-known in Europe. After having successfully passed the application process and criteria, we have been accepted by the ICMS. And here we are now: 17 000 kilometers away from La Défense!

We have been here in Sydney for three months and we have had no regrets coming and living here. We enjoy every moment we spend here: campus is amazing and we have been warmly welcomed.

The courses we are taking are of high quality and the teachers duly support the students in their academic evolution. The ICMS campus is situated five minutes from one of Sidney’s most beautiful beaches. This is just amazing! You will never get bored here!

If you have the chance to come and live here for a while, just take it! You will have no regrets!

Many thanks again to our school, SMS, and especially to Aurélie Cahuzac, for offering us the opportunity to experience this abroad semester, on a human as well as on an academic level. Thanks also to Antoine Orsini, a 2016 Graduate, who also studied at the ICMS, for offering advise and help. That was really appreciated!

See you soon!”

Max & Nico