MBA in sports management


This programme runs over a 2 year period after obtaining the 3 year bachelor’s degree in sports management. Students are awarded an MBA upon successful completion. This extremely specialized programme has been designed for future managers and experts in the sports business world.

 CommencesClass daysWork experience
Internship + work experience (minimum)International work placementPedagogical missions
MBA 1st YearJanuary & OctoberThursday, Friday and Saturday morningYes6 monthsNoWork experience and internship related content
MBA 2nd YearJanuary & OctoberThursday, Friday and Saturday morningYes6 monthsStudy trip and one semester exchangeWork experience and internship related content
A professional dissertation


4th year : Sports business expertise

Fundamental and general subjects

  • Business Law
  • Introduction to management (level 2)
  • Purchasing management
  • Accounting
  • Business games
  • Intensive English (+ a 2nd foreign language)

Specialized sports business subjects

  • Sponsoring and communication
  • Event planning/project management
  • The Olympic Games: A world sporting laboratory
  • The Olympic universe (level 2)
  • Public authorities, leagues and federations
  • The legal framework of sport and image rights
  • Financing and media coverage of sport
  • Optimization of sporting complexes and facilities
  • International sports governing bodies
  • Sport sociology
  • Career management in sport
  • Club merchandising
  • Gambling on sport
  • Markets and players in the sports business
  • TV rights in the French market
  • Strategy and creation of sports brands

5th year : Professional Integration

Fundamental and general subjects

  • International public strategy
  • Strategy and marketing
  • Strategic management
  • Crisis management
  • HR management
  • Starting a company and having a business plan
  • Media exposure and activation
  • E-business
  • Computer aided manufacturing
  • English (+ a 2nd foreign language)

Specialized sports business subjects

  • Sponsoring and activation
  • Merchandising and licensing
  • Optimizing and operating a sporting complex
  • Product launches in sport
  • Sports marketing strategy
  • Sports advertising
  • TV rights negotiation
  • Sports in the digital world
  • International sports and global marketing
  • The legal framework of sport and image rights
  • Sport and globalization
  • Sport investment for industrial companies
  • Event budgeting
  • Digital optimization

Professional dissertation

Oral defense

Ongoing courses and lessons throughout the 2 year MBA cycle

Professional project

  • Creation of a professional project
  • Professional consultation and career paths workshops

Personal and sports development

  • Self awareness
  • Internships, missions and guidance
  • Participation in competitive sports
  • School associations and projects

Entering the world of professional sport

  • Team building: Integration seminar
  • Team spirit, human management and leadership
  • Case studies and conferences
  • Meetings with professionals and guest speakers
  • Professional consultations
  • Organization of the SMS careers in sport Forum
  • Visits, audits and analysis of national and international sports institutes and professional clubs

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