Bachelor‘s degree in sports management


This course, which is open to high school graduates and leads to a “bac+3” or undergraduate degree, gives students the tools necessary to be operational in the sports business. Students obtain the professional skills needed to start their sports management careers from the moment they enter the job market.


 CommencesClass daysInternshipWork experience + Internship (minimum)International work placementPedagogical missions
1st year
SeptemberMonday to SaturdayNo2 monthsNoSales (3 weeks), Market study (5 weeks)
2nd year
SeptemberMonday and TuesdayYes4 monthsNoProspection (15 days), Events (5 weeks)
3rd year
SeptemberMonday and TuesdayYes6 months1 exchange semesterA professional dissertation

1st year : The basics of sports business

Fundamental subjects

  • Economics
  • Market research
  • Distribution and sales techniques
  • Sales team management
  • Communication and marketing
  • Introduction to law, contract law
  • Accounting and finance
  • Media
  • Introduction to management
  • Statistics and management mathematics
  • Office and IT tools
  • Methodological and professional tools
  • Intensive English (+ a second foreign language)

Sports Business subjects

  • The history of sport (1 and 2)
  • The Olympic world
  • The structure of professional clubs
  • The change and development of sporting facilities
  • Leagues and federations

2nd year : Learning more...

Fundamental and general subjects

  • Operational marketing
  • Sales meeting and prospection interviews
  • Non-media communication
  • Economic policies
  • Business and labour Law
  • Statistics and probability
  • Management
  • Negotiation and profit margin protection
  • Event and project management
  • Financial management and an introduction to financial markets
  • Computer aided manufacturing
  • Intensive English (+ a second foreign language)

Specialized sports business subjects

  • Sports marketing
  • Sports equipment manufacturers
  • Sport and journalism
  • The history of sport (3&4)
  • Club and sportspeople contracts
  • Building up a professional network in sport

3rd year : Professionalization

Fundamental and general subjects

  • Distribution strategies
  • Consumer Law
  • Financial analysis
  • Introduction to e commerce
  • International negotiation
  • Intercultural management
  • Corporate finance
  • European Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community management, web design
  • International and direct marketing
  • Brand image and communication strategies
  • Intensive English (+ a second foreign language)

Specialized sports business subjects

  • The history of sport
  • Financing a sports complex
  • The court of arbitration for sport
  • Economics of sport
  • Sports marketing management
  • Sports industries
  • Project management
  • Sport foundation creation and management

Professional dissertation

Ongoing courses and lessons throughout the 3 year bachelor cycle

Personal and sports development

  • Analyzing and summarizing documents
  • Self awareness
  • Professional projects
  • End-of-studies project based on work experience
  • Missions and guidance
  • Media training and editorial workshops
  • Participation in competitive sports
  • School associations and projects

Entering the world of professional sport

  • Team building: Integration seminar
  • Human management and leadership
  • Case studies and conferences
  • Meetings with professionals and guest speakers
  • Professional consultations
  • Organization of the SMS careers in sport Forum
  • Visits, audits and analysis of national and international sports institutes and professional clubs

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