Jobs in sport


There are many jobs and professional opportunities in the sport sector within a large variety of lines of business :

Sports goods manufacturers and suppliers

Marketing manager, sponsoring manager, product manager, business developer, network manager...

Sports goods distributors

Store manager, shelf manager, sales coordinator, presenter, event manager...

Professional and amateur sports clubs and federations

Head of press, communications manager, administrative manager, press attaché, sponsoring manager, event operations manager...

Local and regional advertising and business sponsoring

Business development and partnership manager, sponsoring manager, hospitality and event manager...

Sporting event organization agencies

Technical manager, logistics manager, project coordinator, Director, communications manager, media coordinator, hospitality sponsoring...

Sports marketing and communication consultants

Project leader, community manager, sales manager, web creator and/or designer, consultant...

Media and New media

Sports journalist, advertising manager, commercial sponsorship...

Local, Regional and National Communities

Municipality, regional or French "department" sports manager, sports project manager, event coordinator...

The fitness, wellbeing and sports leisure sector

Sports gym manager, manager of a "FIVE" centre, holiday or recreation centre manager, event and entertainment manager...

Sports charities and sponsorship

Foundation director, partnership coordinator...

As well as all these media based and commercial activities, today’s sport market has entered into new areas dealing with image, content and values :

  • New media development
  • Architecture and optimization of new sports complexes
  • The emergence of gambling games and sports betting on-line.
  • Organization of fun sports activities for senior citizens
  • Sport, the environment and sustainable development
  • Sport, handicaps and public policies
  • Organization of sport in companies
  • Sports charities and sponsorship
  • New urban sports
  • Ethics in sport and society



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