Your future in the Sport Business


With an annual growth rate of 6%, the Sport Business sector represents more than 620 billion dollars across the globe.

Today, the Sport Business is developing in countries such as China, Russia, Brazil and India where economic growth is flourishing and soon, other Asian, Middle Eastern, African and South American nations will follow in their footsteps. This phenomenon will no doubt open doors for young professionals who are willing to adapt and be open to other cultures and experiences.

These days, major sporting competitions are held all over the world. The Olympic Games in Rio and Sotchi, Football world cups in Brazil, Russia and Qatar and the European Games in Bakou to name a few. More than ever before, sport is on the world stage and is giving emerging nations the opportunity to organize and host the planet’s biggest sporting events.

In the face of huge geographical shifts and changes in the Sport Business sector, our objective is to train and produce International bilingual managers through tailor made programmes, cultural studies and linguistic immersion in order to:

  • Acquire detailed and in depth knowledge of the Sport Business world abroad
  • Create research projects in cooperation with other European and International establishments


SMS graduates have great success in entering the Sport Business sector :

> A few stats about our most recent graduates:

  • 90% of graduates entered the job market
  • 78% of them obtained temporary or long term contracts (CDD/CDI)
  • 12% of them started their own business
  • 92% of them were employed in the Sport Business sector


> Our graduates found their first professional positions quite quickly :

>58% of our graduates were hired to carry out Event planning and coordination tasks. Marketing, Consulting and Sports related services were also areas in which a lot of our graduates found employment.

These companies hire our graduates

  • Eurosport
  • Ministère des sports
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • Stade de Reims
  • HSBC
  • News Tank Football
  • Sport Stratégies
  • Keneo
  • Sponsorship 360
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Go Sport
  • E for Sport
  • FMCG
  • UrbanFootball
  • FFBB
  • LNH
  • L'Equipe 21
  • Sportfive

From the change rooms to the field: What has become of our graduates?

  • Ronald Gautruche

    Ronald Gautruche

    Company creator - DIGIFOOD

  • Mathilde Boulesteix

    Mathilde Boulesteix

    Managing Editor - Phileas Images

  • Antoine Migné

    Antoine Migné

    Store manager assistant - ADIDAS Originals Paris 3e

  • Antoine Creuze

    Antoine Creuze

    Marketing Manager - Handball National League

  • Guillaume Perdereau

    Guillaume Perdereau

    Community Manager - Innocean

  • Clément Petit

    Clément Petit

    Training centre manager and coach - Issy Paris Handball

  • Antoine Perpignaa

    Antoine Perpignaa

    Project Manager - Sponsorship 360

  • Margaux Jézéquel

    Margaux Jézéquel

    Communications Manager - CCI Morlaix

  • Nathan Duez

    Nathan Duez

    Task Officer - French Basketball Federation

  • Paul Cometto

    Paul Cometto

    Business strategy planning officer - French Tennis Federation

  • Agathe Mainguy

    Agathe Mainguy

    Project manager - Front de Neige Agency

  • Vincent Altmeyer

    Vincent Altmeyer

    Operations Manager - New Velodrome Stadium

  • Stephann Mathurin

    Stephann Mathurin

    Sales and administration manager - eForSports

  • Prisca  Barthalon

    Prisca Barthalon

    Assistant event project manager - Hugo & Cie

  • Maxime Eyrignoux

    Maxime Eyrignoux

    Communications manager - Red Star Football Club

  • Ousmane Sakira

    Ousmane Sakira

    Commercial traffic assistant - Eurosport

  • Romain Dumant

    Romain Dumant

    Hospitality sales executive - Lagardere Sports

  • Marine Bourdin

    Marine Bourdin

    Production assistant - EUROMEDIA

  • Benoît Cochet

    Benoît Cochet

    Store manager - Sports d’Epoque

  • Olivier Fouillat

    Olivier Fouillat

    Company creator - XTREME Drive

  • Maxime Thomas

    Maxime Thomas

    Account Manager - Paris Saint Germain

  • Racha Abdelaziz

    Racha Abdelaziz

    Account Manager - Nilson Sport

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