International MBA in Sport Business


Sports Management School is an international school specialized in Sports management located in Paris, Lausanne and Barcelona.

Its position as a “Pure player” focused entirely on Sports business gives it real experience in all the domains linked to the world of sports business such as commerce and distribution, marketing, communication and event organization.

Created in 2010, Sports Management School has today 400 students. With a 93% rate of integration into the Sports business world upon graduation, the facts speak for themselves.



Our International MBA in Sports Management is a tailor-made program, combining a strong background in general business education with an in-depth understanding of the economy of sport and the international sports business environment.

Our student body is comprised of different nationalities

Our aim is to train young professionals and sport business managers.

Our academic objective is to provide students with marketing, managerial and operational skills wich will enable them to work in the sport business environment.

SMS strives for excellence in the fields of sport strategy, marketing and economics.

This MBA  program runs over a one year period after obtaining the four-year Bachelor’s degree, or a Master Degree (bac+4).

Students are awarded a Master degree upon successful completion.

This extremely specialized program has been designed for future managers and experts in the sports business world.



To students from sports sector who wish to go further in sports marketing which is their primary field.

To students from trade, distribution, institution, equipment or agency sectors, who wish to specialize in the economic governance and management deciding factors which are associated with their original activities, as well as to deal with the human components of industry practices (such as retail or visual merchandising).

To professionals who have an incomplete experience in the sport business areas (who are experts in specific sectors and activities) and who wish to open their sphere of competence and boost their skills.

To professionals who have mainly worked as managers or directors and who wish to widen their knowledge of the sector in order to strengthen their capacity to operate and supervise their teams.

To individuals who are in a reconversion process, without any concrete experience in the practices of the profession.


Teaching Staff


In the international context, we strive for excellence from our international faculty members. Our professors  are dedicated to the specific sectors of sport business. They are highly qualified and committed to give individual training and personal attention.

“These days the Sport business has become an economic powerhouse of its own. It plays a crucial role in all international sporting events and their television rights which cater to a constantly growing number of spectators worldwide. Nowadays sport is in the hands of legal, financial, management and marketing experts but it is also a social and political lever in the economical development of towns, regions, countries and continents. Sport business has authenticity and attractiveness.

Sport knows no boundaries. Its international development grows at the same rate as the development of emerging nations and thanks to the colossal investment in multimedia. Sporting organizations require ever more skilled professionals to ensure a smooth transition and to stay afloat in a sea of change.

Sports Management School trains future managers for a sport sector in need of experts who are aware of the development stakes and conscious of the importance of ethics and good governance.”


  • Sports goods manufacturers and suppliers (marketing manager, sponsoring manager, product manager, business developer, network manager…)
  • Sports goods distributors (store manager, shelf manager, sales coordinator, presenter, event manager…)
  • Professional and amateur sports club and federation (head of press, communication manager, administrative manager, press agent, sponsoring manager, event operations manager…)
  • Local and regional advertising and business sponsoring (business development and partnership manager, sponsoring manager, hospitality and event manager…)
  • Media and New media (sports journalist, advertising manager, commercial sponsorship…
  • Sporting event organization agencies (technical manager, logistics manager, project coordinator, Director, communications manager, media coordinator, hospitality sponsoring, management of strategic event areas…
  • Sport marketing and communication consultans (project leader, community manager, sales manager, web creator and/or designer, consultant…)
  • Local, Regional and National Communities (municipality, regional or French « department » sports manager, sports project manager, event coordinator…)
  • The fitness, wellbeing and sports leisure sector (sports gym manager, manager of a ‘FIVE’ centre, holiday or recreation centre manager, event and entertainment manager…)
  • Sports charities and sponsorship (foundation director, partnership coordinator…)



The International MBA in Sports Management is organized this way :

  • Courses
  • Tutorials
  • Conferences
  • Visits and meetings with sports institutions (spending an academic week in Lausanne, London and Barcelona)
  • Case studies
  • Project workshops (France 2023, Paris 2024)
  • Consulting Field Experience in real situation
  • Master’s Thesis

Price of the cursus : 11 500€

The program is divided into 6 modules and an Academic Sports Business Tour in Europe.


Sports Environment & Global Markets

  • Foundations of European Sport
  • International Sport Governance*
  • Sports International Relations, Business & Soft Power Strategy*
  • Sports Socio-economic Context
  • Europe vs US Comparative Sports Organizations

*taught in Lausanne

Sports Marketing Strategy

A – Mix marketing in Sports Environment

  • Sports Marketing, Sponsorship & Sales**
  • Licensing & Merchandising***
  • Sports Business Communications & Public Relations
  • Digital Sports Media & Marketing
  • Sports Revenues Strategy & Analytics


B – Value Chain and Marketing Strategy

  • Image Rights Agreements
  • TV Networks Sports Rights**
  • Sports Facility & Stadium Management***
  • Global Marketing Strategy


  **taught in London

  ***taught in Barcelona

Managing International Sports Events (IOC, UEFA, FIFA)

  • Operating competitions: Football Champion’s League
  • Organizing sports events: UEFA Euro & FIFA World Cup
  • Workshop Focus on PARIS 2024 and France 2023: candidature, operational, delivery

Management Strategy in Sports Industry

  • Management Skills
  • Sports Accounting & Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Creating New Ventures in the Sports Environment

Legal Aspects of Sports

  • Sports Law & Ethics
  • International Comparative Sports Laws
  • Business Law

Optional courses (2 out of 5)

  • Sports Management Strategy (except football)
  • Business Plan & New ventures in Sports
  • Leadership & Personnel Management
  • Introduction to e-sport
  • Management Consulting Field Experience

Final Master’s thesis

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